Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Top 5 Shoujo Mangas

Hey Guys I'm probably going to do this blogging thing as an on again off again thing so if you really like the crap I post just comment and let me know so I have motivation to post more :D

There's a difference between entertaining mangas and manga that are so kawaii and meaningful that you'd pass this down to your children to read. (ok I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea).

In reality most shoujo mangas are complete and utter shit, sugar coated so it looks presentable and add in a couple of bishies and you're good to go. Shoujo manga are basically to entertain and give girls fantastical views of romance. But these ones have more depth and dimension and contradict the norm. Always read shoujo to it's intended purpose and these are actually trying to tell some kind of story.

So let's start off with a micro reviews of my top list and I probably will make full reviews when they're finished or when I can be bothered.

  1. Orange (Takano Ichigo) - I was seriously hesitant to put this as my top since it's so new but god damn is it good. The time-travel would be tragedy is expected to be gripping and intense but it literally feels like walking in a cherry blossom park with petals flying everywhere. Or in other words it's kawaii as hell with a meaningful message behind it. Read this after you go through this list. You will not regret it
  2. Dear (Fujiwara Cocoa) - This fits with my personal tastes so it can be a bit draggy and disjointed to some as it take multiple perpsectives from the characters. Art is beautiful and story seems pretty unique as it addresses themes of loneliness  friendship and love (all the sappy crap I love).
  3. Youku Boku SS - Another time travel type of manga and from the same author above. Based on youkai and multiple lives which can be a bit confusing but it's the good kind of confusing. It feels like thinking is something you don't do a lot in shoujo anyways. I feel like the anime doesn't really bring about how whimsical and comedic the simple lives of the characters are and the insecurities of loneliness etc. And heterochromia male lead? I approve.
  4. Last Game -  The kawaii levels of this manga is over 9000. It's a bit similar to Special A in the whole trying-to-beat-each-other-academically-thing initially but better execution, better art and the leads are sooooooo kawaii. The female lead is strong, a bit apathetic towards the people around her but she's just a socially awkward female trying to figure out her new founded feelings for her long time friend (it's love damn it). And the poor boy has been in love for the same girl for about 10 years so props to him.
  5. Hana to Akuma - The whole demon x human is such an overdone thing in shoujo but this is done pretty well. Ok so the age difference is about a couple thousand of years but they love each other and it's all that matters. All I have to say is if you like this type of genre without the smut then go read this.



  1. I guess they tend to drool all over the cute boys and cool guys? I like those elements too but I never read a manga because some cute guy is in there so some are just really boring to me.

  2. Cute guys can actually keep me around depending on how bored I am since I have a pretty decent shitty-shoujo-manga-with-so-many-plot-holes-I-could-almost-kill-myself threshold.

  3. OMG CLEAR WARNING FOR All!! HANA TO AKUMA WILL MAKE YOU CRY SO HARD. Hana To Akuma was basically the manga that made me okay with "slow romance"' The ending was kinda expected but in a "good/holy f-- im going to throw this out my window" kind of way. So expect to cry a lot. This manga will be the one manga that every one will remember. P.S. INU X BOKU SS WILL MAKE YOU CRY FREAKING STUPID LATEST CHAPTERS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL SO SAD.